"Make no judgment with the absence of compassion." -A.G. HOME

Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters has a very impressive history in law and politics. He has worked in all segments of the criminal justice system and has held key political positions in local government and public safety. Bobby worked at the Muscogee County Jail at age 21 while a deputy sheriff, promoted to detective, taught criminal justice at Southern Union State College, and became the Director of a regional police academy while driving to Atlanta at night to attend law school. Working full time and driving many hours each week to attend classes, Bobby passed the bar exam prior to finishing law school in 1979. He has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia for over twenty-six years and has practiced law in the same location, which is a historic home located at 832 First Avenue.

While practicing law Bobby Peters remained active in the community and was recognized by eighteen different organizations in 1988 in a ceremony in recognition of free legal assistance and dedicated community service he provided to those who could not afford an attorney. The organizations gave him the title, "The People’s Advocate."

Bobby Peters has also been very active in the political arena and was elected to a city-wide post on the city council where he served for twelve years. In 1994 he was elected Mayor of the City of Columbus and in 1998 he became the first mayor in the history of the city to be elected to a second consecutive four-year term. When he ran for Mayor, there were six candidates, including two fellow city councilors (both of whom were also lawyers), the President of the NAACP, a black minister, and a business person. Even with two minority candidates, Bobby won every black precinct in the city and won the election without a runoff, which the political experts said was impossible. Four years later, he walked into his second term without an opposition candidate.

During the eight years as Mayor, Bobby made sure there was no property tax increase and all boards and committees reflected the demographics of the city population. Columbus experienced tremendous growth and prosperity, thousands of new jobs were created, and new high tech developments were created. He paved the way for passage of a new sales taxes for public safety vehicles, new fire stations throughout the city, new swimming pools and new "super-centers" for recreation, a new central library, new technology, remodeling and expansion of the Trade Center, infrastructure improvements; he worked hard to pass the sales tax for a new civic center, new riverwalk, new public safety building, and public investment in the arts with a new fabulous River Center.

In addition to his duties as Mayor, the Charter of the City placed the Mayor as head of all public safety departments. As Director of Public Safety, Bobby was in charge of the Police Department, the Fire Department, E-9ll, the Muscogee County Correctional Institute, and EMS. His dynamic appointments led to a team of leaders who were unsurpassed, including a City Manager who was a retired three-star general, a police chief, fire chief, and city attorney who all rose in the ranks of their respective departments, a police Major as the Warden of the prison, and many other esteemed professionals. Mayor Peters knew the success of a leader is determined by the professionalism and dedication of those appointed to key leadership positions. Mayor Peters also had the prominence of selecting the first minority department heads for various departments of the Consolidated Government. Inclusion and mutual respect for everyone were the hallmarks of his tenure in office.

Please take a moment to read his full biography written by Mr. J. Edward Wilson, Administrative Assistant to Mayor Peters and to the current Mayor of Columbus.