"Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right." - The Bible, Psalm 106:3 ADVOCACY

A forthcoming book made possible by Ms. Betty Reese entitled Some Call Him Pig, I Call Him Sir. Below is a picture of the anticipated book cover.

The Honorable Bobby Peters believes every person should be treated with dignity and respect despite their background or social standing. His actions both as an attorney and as an elected official have consistently reflected his compassion and concern for people and equal justice. Because of his genuine commitment to using his influence and legal training to help others and not himself, and to constantly unite rather than divide, Bobby was presented the prestigious "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Award" by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Delta Iota Lambda Chapter in 2001.

Over the years he has received countless awards and commendations for his legal and community service work. When a young lady was denied the opportunity to attend her high school prom because school policy required her "to have a date". Bobby took the school to court and took her to the prom, even after winning the case. He is a strong independent thinker who stands up for the rights of his clients against any and all odds.