"The world cares very little about what a man or woman knows; it is what the man or woman is able to do that counts." - Booker T. Washington MEDIA

Nun slayer pleads guilty: Judge gives Robinson life sentences without parole
Robinson, 28, was sentenced by Judge Bobby Peters to two life sentences without parole for the murder of his father, Henry Robinson Jr., with whom he sometimes stayed, and for the kidnapping with bodily harm of two nuns who served Christ the King Catholic Church, Sister Philomena Fogarty, 68, whose body was dismembered in Virginia, and Sister Lucie Kristofik, who was 72 at the time but escaped from a Virginia motel room, alerting police.

Talk of War Increasing Numbers for Columbus Protest
"We're going to treat them with dignity and treat them fairly, but at the same time we're going to enforce the law like we did last year," said Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters. "They will be arrested again if they want to sit in the middle of the road and block the entrance."

Columbus Mayor Honors USARSA Students
Demonstrating southern hospitality, Mayor Bobby Peters of Columbus welcomed the 62 students attending the U.S. Army School of the Americas’ (USARSA) Command and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC), by granting them Honorary Citizenship of Columbus during a ceremony inside the Government Center, April 4.

Georgia Sonic Boom Linked to Skyborne Mass
Residents throughout the area described it as having a concussion effect - shaking the ground and rattling windows "I know exactly what it was," said Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters. "We had opened up our light bill at the Government Center and that was the sound of me passing out on the floor."

Terrorism Fears Not Sufficient Reason to Search Protesters, Appellate Court Rules
Former Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters, who was in office when the decision was made to install the metal detectors, said the city attorney's office is considering appealing the ruling to the full 11th Circuit. The city attorney declined to comment on the case until Monday.

Matter of Faith: Groups Represent Many Different Faiths at Annual SOA Watch Protest
Before the 2001 protest, the Rev. Lawrence Lucree of Our Lady of Lourdes in Columbus sent a letter to Mayor Bobby Peters that distanced the local Catholic churches from the work of Bourgeois.

Judge Dismisses SOA Watch Claims: Police Allowed to Use Hand-Held Metal Detectors During Protest
Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters said the security plan will be "a limited intrusion" for people attending the rallies today and Sunday. "Protesters won today, too. They just don't realize it," Peters said.

Congressional acts move the INS, sometimes
In Columbus, Ga., Mayor Bobby Peters has written letters and gone to immigration court asking that local businessman Jong Ik Lee be released from the DeKalb County Jail in Decatur, Ga. Lee did wrong, the mayor says. He sold counterfeit goods such as knock-off handbags. But he pleaded guilty, surrendered $500,000 to the government, worked with agents for several months to nab others and served a year in federal prison.

Town grieves for two Army Rangers
Columbus, about 100 miles southwest of Atlanta, prides itself on patriotism and support for the military. "It's a friendly community and we totally support our troops," Mayor Bobby Peters said. "The two young Rangers who died certainly hit home."

On CNN, Mayors Address Security Measures
"We're very proud of Fort Benning. That, as you know, has the national designation as the best army installation in the world year after year. So they are on high alert, they're at delta. And Columbus, Georgia and Fort Benning have been together for many years. The 20 years I've been in office I've really seen;tremendous support for our military and our domestic police, fire, and others. We support our president, and I think they all have one resolve, and that is that we're going to get through this together united as a country. I think the bottom line is that September 11th was a unification day for all of America, and we are very proud of our military. America cannot be dominated or intimated by fear. And we intend to be through this for the long haul. You know, 85 percent of your economic output comes from your cities. So certainly, Columbus and all cities across the nation will be effected by this, but we are ready for that. I think once we get through this, through the efforts of the president and our military, then we'll get back to — the economy will increase."

Columbus Council Joins Complaint Over Soot Nuisance
Mayor of Columbus, Bobby Peters, said the city hopes to recover damages and end the problem, which is damaging to both health and property. "We think the environmental concerns are paramount over the monetary issues," Mayor Peters said. "The main thing is to prevent a continuing nuisance for the residents out in that area."

Inmate escapes, evades mayor before capture
An inmate escaped a work detail and bumped into the mayor, who was unable to detain him. Brad Mathis, 28, of Columbus, was doing janitorial work at the Columbus Government Center Thursday when he sneaked past a security officer, Muscogee County Prison Deputy Warden William Adamson said. The first house he passed after his escape belonged to Mayor Bobby Peters, who was in his front yard. Mathis was wearing a white prison uniform with blue stripes down the sides of the pants. ''I stopped him and tried to detain him,'' said Peters, who is also the city's public safety director. "He took off and I chased after him. I had the phone outside with me so I called 911." Mathis was recaptured about midnight. He is serving a two-year term in Muscogee County Prison for a parole violation.

Emotional Good-bye For Mayor
It was a morning spent holding back tears. Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters has spent 12 years as a city councilor and the last eight as Mayor. His 20-year career is coming to a close. During his last council meeting, Peters started it by giving his last resolution to his mother, for being "An Unsung Hero." Then, one by one, others praised Peters, for his dedication. "I thank Bobby for caring for Columbus and for continuing that legacy and that theme of putting everybody else first and sacrificing yourself,"said councilor Gary Allen.

Cotton gin manufacturer moving to Savannah
Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters said that Lummus officials wanted the city to buy the downtown plant, give them land in a new industrial park, build a new plant for them and give some tax relief.

The Epidemic of Incivility in Politics
It was stripped away in this summer's mortal combat between Judge Roxann Daniel and former Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters — a race to see who would hold the dignified seat of a Muscogee Superior Court judge.

Complaint against judge withdrawn
The hearing came two days after Judge Daniel's bid for election to a four-year term on the Superior Court bench had been decided in favor of her opponent, former Columbus Mayor Bobby Peters.

Lawyer may use stress as murder defense
Navarrete's attorney, Bobby Peters, said he believes post-traumatic stress disorder is a valid issue, but he does not plan to use it, arguing instead that his client tried to prevent the killing.

Soldier sentenced to 20 years for shooting
Ricky Levar Williams, 27, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of 24-year-old Terrance Durham of Hamilton in October 2003. Williams, based at Fort Benning, was sentenced Thursday. Defense lawyer Bobby Peters said his client may withdraw his plea because he believes the sentence was excessive. A motion to reconsider the sentence is pending before a judge.